Messor capitatus


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Messor capitatus Breeding Sheet

Messor capitatus is the largest Messor ant species in Europe, with impressive major workers. They develop a bit slower than barbarus but are less stressed. As granivores, they mainly feed on seeds which they bring back to the nest to turn into ant bread, which is then consumed by the workers, queen, and brood!


General Information:
Breeding Level: Easy
Geographical Distribution: Southern Europe
Origin: Italy
– Queen Size: 15mm
– Worker Size: 5-14mm
– Polygynous: No
– Mature Colony Size: 10,000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 30-80%
Temperature: 22-28°C (ideal at 26°C)
Diapause: Recommended (3 months at around 12°C)
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a dry area for storing their seeds is suitable for them
Food: Seeds, insects


The colonies and queens of Messor capitatus we sell are all guaranteed to arrive 100% alive, with a healthy brood and a clean test tube.


See what the colony you’re about to purchase looks like on our Youtube channel.

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Number of queens

1 queen, 1 injured queen (leg), 2 queens, 3 queens, 4 queens, 5 queens, 6 queens, 7 queens, 8 queens, 9 queens

Number of workers

0 workers, 1-3 workers, 3-6 workers, 4-8 workers, 5-10 workers, 6-12 workers, 10-20 workers, 15-30 workers, 25-50 workers, 30-60 workers, 40-80 workers, 50-100 workers, 100-150 workers, 100-200 workers, 150-200 workers, 250-500 workers


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