About us

Having bred ants for 6 years, I decided to create Esprit Fourmis so that breeders would have a reliable and reasonably priced place to buy their ants.

As a breeder, I’ve always been close to the world of ant sales, and I’ve been forced to realize that over the last few years, beginners in particular haven’t known where to turn, between the expensive and safe professional sites, and the inexpensive but high-risk social media sellers, due to the explosion in the number of scammers over the last two years, I decided to propose a solution so that people could buy their ants with complete peace of mind and without emptying their wallets, and that’s how Esprit Fourmis was created.

Our golden rule

At Esprit Fourmis, our golden rule is not customer satisfaction (which comes second, however :p ) but the health of the colonies we sell. That’s why, in the event of a heatwave or very cold weather, for example, we might decide to postpone a shipment for the well-being of the ants.

Oecophylla smaragdina, reine de fourmi
Shopping Basket

Vacances : Les envois passés entre le 7 et le 21 avril seront envoyées le lundi 22 avril.