Camponotus mutilarius (Xiangban)

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Rearing Sheet for Camponotus mutilarius


Camponotus mutilarius is a beautiful species of Camponotus. It is very hairy and relatively non-aggressive. Its formic acid has the unique characteristic of smelling like roses; one could almost wear it in the morning! :p


General Information:
Rearing Level: Difficult
Geographical Distribution: Asia
Origin: Thailand
-Queen Size: 14mm
-Worker Size: 5-12mm
-Polygynous: No
-Mature Colony Size: Approximately 5,000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 60-80%
Temperature: 20-27°C (ideal at 25°C)
Diapause: No
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a humid zone, suitable for the colony size. Avoid plexiglass and materials that cause static electricity (due to their long hairs).
Food: Insects, sugary liquids


The colonies and queens of Camponotus mutilarius that we sell are all guaranteed 100% arrival alive, with a healthy brood and a clean test tube.


See what the colony you’re buying looks like on our YouTube channel.

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Number of queens

1 queen, 1 injured queen (leg), 2 queens, 3 queens, 4 queens, 5 queens, 6 queens, 7 queens, 8 queens, 9 queens

Number of workers

0 workers, 1-3 workers, 3-6 workers, 4-8 workers, 5-10 workers, 6-12 workers, 10-20 workers, 15-30 workers, 25-50 workers, 30-60 workers, 40-80 workers, 50-100 workers, 100-150 workers, 100-200 workers, 150-200 workers


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