Complete kit for beginners with free ants


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This complete beginner’s kit has just one objective: to enable you to start breeding ants simply and as inexpensively as possible!

The kit contains a colony of your choice of species (easy to breed) and a suitable hunting area to feed them, as well as all the necessary equipment (syringe to feed them, brush to clean them, connecting tube to connect them to another hunting area or ant farm, and anti-escape agent to apply to the peripheral ceiling to prevent them from climbing up while you’re feeding them).

Once you’ve received the kit, all you have to do is remove the cotton that clogs the tube, connect it to the hunting area, apply the anti-escape agent and all you have to do is watch!

To find out how to breed the species featured in this kit, you can search for their sheet on the site.

Free ant species

Messor muticus, Camponotus japonicus


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