Beginner’s kit with free ants included

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This beginner’s kit comes with a free ant colony of your choice from a list of species recommended for beginners.

The foraging area is provided with 3 bamboo tubes of appropriate sizes for the species (15mm or 18mm).

The concept is simple: when you receive your young colony, you only need to use one tube and block the other holes (with cotton, for example). As your colony grows, you can add more tubes gradually. For most species, this kit will provide ample space for your colony for at least a year.

Additionally, the kit includes a brush for cleaning the foraging area, an anti-escape liquid with an included brush applicator (apply it to the top 1-2cm of the foraging area walls to prevent ants from escaping), a syringe for refilling water tubes, and a connecting tube to attach the free ant colony tube to the foraging area.

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Free ant species

camponotus fedtschenkoi, Messor muticus, Camponotus nicobarensis


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