Camponotus nicobarensis

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Raising Sheet for Camponotus nicobarensis


Camponotus nicobarensis are very easy to raise and have a beautiful coloration. They become highly aggressive with as few as thirty workers, making them an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking an active species that provides constant opportunities for observation.

General Information:
Raising Difficulty: easy
Geographic Range: China
Origin: China (Guangdong region)
– Queen Size: 15mm
– Worker Size: 5 to 12mm
– Polygynous: tend to be polygynous (queens may occasionally fight, but in most cases, polygyny is well-maintained)
– Mature Colony Size: approximately 5,000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 60-90%
Temperature: 20-27°C (ideal at 25°C)
Diapause: No, a temperature decrease to around 18-20°C during the winter period is sufficient.
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a humid area suitable for the colony’s size will work for them.
Food: sugary liquids and insects


The colonies and queens of Camponotus nicobarensis that we sell are all guaranteed 100% to arrive alive, with healthy brood and a clean test tube.


See what the colony you are about to purchase looks like on our YouTube channel.

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Number of queens

1 queen, 1 injured queen (leg), 2 queens, 3 queens, 4 queens, 5 queens, 6 queens, 7 queens, 8 queens, 9 queens

Number of workers

0 workers, 1-3 workers, 3-6 workers, 4-8 workers, 5-10 workers, 6-12 workers, 10-20 workers, 15-30 workers, 25-50 workers, 30-60 workers, 40-80 workers, 50-100 workers, 100-150 workers, 100-200 workers, 150-200 workers

1 review for Camponotus nicobarensis

  1. central66 (verified owner)

    They came very well packaged with the heatpack working and no ants dead 🙂

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