Aphaenogaster geels


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Aphaenogaster geels Breeding Sheet

Aphaenogaster geels is a large exotic Aphaenogaster species that is very easy to breed and develops rapidly. They become quite aggressive quickly and actively hunt insects to bring back to their larvae, which, like in ponerines, move and feed on the insects themselves!

General Information:
Ease of Breeding: Easy
Geographical Distribution: Tropical Asia
Origin: China
– Queen Size: 13mm
– Worker Size: 7 to 10mm
– Polygynous: No
– Mature Colony Size: Approximately 5,000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 60-80%
Temperature: 20-27°C (ideal at 25°C)
Diapause: No, a temperature decrease to around 20°C during winter is sufficient for them
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a humid zone and suitable for the colony’s size will suit them.
Food: Sugary liquids and insects

The Aphaenogaster geels colonies and queens we sell are all guaranteed 100% arrival alive, with a healthy brood and clean test tube.

See what the colony you are purchasing looks like on our Youtube channel.

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Number of queens

1 injured queen (leg), 1 queen, 2 queens, 3 queens, 4 queens, 5 queens, 6 queens, 7 queens, 8 queens, 9 queens

Number of workers

0 workers, 1-3 workers, 3-6 workers, 4-8 workers, 5-10 workers, 6-12 workers, 10-20 workers, 15-30 workers, 25-50 workers, 30-60 workers, 40-80 workers, 50-100 workers, 100-150 workers, 100-200 workers, 150-200 workers


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