Ant farm “Cave” medium



Discover our “cave” medium high-end ant farm, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding breeders. Made from top-quality resin-plated plaster that makes it indestructible, even for species with the sharpest mandibles, it incorporates an innovative evaporation-based humidification system, ensuring a moist and optimal environment for your colonies. With a 10mm connection tube, this ant farm can house from 50 to 200 workers depending on the species. Generally, it can host a young colony for a good year before becoming too small.

Ideal Design for Medium and Large Species
This ant farm is specially adapted to accommodate all medium to large ant species. It is particularly recommended for large ponerines, who will find in this substrate-enriched environment the ideal habitat to thrive. Its design has been thought out to facilitate the development and well-being of these demanding species.

Spacious Foraging Area for Optimal Observation
The foraging area of this ant farm is designed to maximize your observation experience. Its generous size allows not only for detailed observation of ant behavior but also provides sufficient living space to explore and hunt the prey you may provide them.

Water Autonomy up to 3 Weeks
Thanks to its large water reservoir, our ant farm ensures humidity autonomy for up to three weeks. This feature is particularly appreciated by breeders who wish to leave without the fear of leaving their precious colonies without resources. The management of water, simplified by our evaporation humidification system, eliminates the stress related to daily maintenance and allows for full enjoyment of ant breeding.

Technical Characteristics:
Material: High-quality resin-plated plaster
Humidification system: By evaporation
Connection tube: 10mm, for easy integration into any breeding system
Foraging area: Spacious, for optimal observation
Water autonomy: Up to 3 weeks, minimizing maintenance
Capacity: From 50 to 200 workers


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