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Explore the fascinating world of ants with the “Cave” double ant farm, a sophisticated habitat designed for entomology enthusiasts. Crafted from high-durability composite plaster, this ant farm ensures exceptional resistance against burrowing species. It stands out with its double humidification chamber, one by evaporation and the other by capillarity, offering precise control of the microclimate to meet the specific needs of various ant species. With a capacity superior to the Cave medium model, it comfortably accommodates between 100 and 400 workers, providing an ideal space for a growing colony for up to 2 years.

Optimal Adaptability for All Species
The “Cave” double ant farm is designed to house a wide range of species, from medium to large, thanks to its two innovative humidification systems. This habitat is ideal for species requiring varied humidity levels, thus creating a tailor-made environment to promote their development and well-being.

Modular Humidity Management
With its water reserve lasting up to 3 weeks (for the evaporative one), the “Cave” double ant farm reduces the need for humidification and allows for worry-free vacations, while offering a wide range of humidification possibilities to suit all species.

Advanced Features:

Material: Resin plaster
Humidification systems: Double, by evaporation and by capillarity
Connection: 10mm hose for easy integration
Observation area: In plexiglass for clear observation
Water autonomy: 3 weeks
Capacity: From 100 to 400 workers, ideal for sustained growth

1 review for Formicarium “Cave” double

  1. Andrejs.Orl. (verified owner)

    The formicarium looks very aesthetically pleasing, the material looks high quality. It is very convenient to connect with other formicariums thanks to the magnets on the sides. The only minor drawback for me is that it is not very convenient to pour water for humidification.

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