Messor muticus/ponticus

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Rearing Sheet for Messor muticus/ponticus

Messor muticus and Messor ponticus closely resemble each other and inhabit the same region. Since we cannot discern which of the two we have in possession, we sell them under the name Messor muticus/ponticus. They come from Ukraine near the Black Sea, roughly at the same latitude as Messor barbarus. Therefore, the maintenance conditions are roughly similar. It’s worth noting that they seem much less stressed than the latter, making them more suitable for beginners.


General Information:
Rearing Difficulty: Easy
Geographical Distribution: Southeastern Europe
Origin: Ukraine (near the Black Sea)
-Queen Size: 12mm
-Worker Size: 4 to 10mm
-Polygynous: No
-Mature Colony Size: about 10,000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 40-70%
Temperature: 20-27°C (ideal at 25°C)
Diapause: Yes, a diapause between 8 and 12°C is required during the winter period
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a humid area suitable for the colony’s size will be suitable for them.
Food: Seeds, insects


The Messor muticus/ponticus colonies and queens we sell are all guaranteed to arrive 100% alive, with healthy brood and a clean test tube.


See what the colony you’re purchasing looks like on our YouTube channel.

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Number of queens

1 queen, 1 injured queen (leg), 2 queens, 3 queens, 4 queens, 5 queens, 6 queens, 7 queens, 8 queens, 9 queens

Number of workers

0 workers, 1-3 workers, 3-6 workers, 4-8 workers, 5-10 workers, 6-12 workers, 10-20 workers, 15-30 workers, 25-50 workers, 30-60 workers, 40-80 workers, 50-100 workers, 100-150 workers, 100-200 workers, 150-200 workers


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