Diacamma violaceum


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Diacamma violaceum Breeding Sheet

Diacamma violaceum is a 2cm monster equipped with a well-functional sting. Exceptional hunters, they will impress you with the speed at which they can kill large prey. Ultimately, they are relatively easy to breed, requiring a significant protein intake for rapid development (although the time from egg to hatch is quite long, it is compensated by substantial egg-laying).

All colonies for sale come with a gamergate guarantee. Gamergates were identified through the following process: each worker ant from every colony was individually picked up with tweezers, inspected for the presence of gems that characterize gamergates, and then placed in another container. In cases where an ant was well-endowed with gems, their behavior (non-aggressiveness) was studied to confirm with certainty that they are indeed fertile.

This lengthy identification process partly explains the high price of this species.

General Information:
Breeding Level: Medium
Geographical Distribution: Tropical Asia
Origin: Thailand
-Queen Size: 20mm
-Worker Size: 20mm
-Polygynous: No
-Mature Colony Size: 500-1000 workers


Maintenance Information:
Humidity: 50-80%
Temperature: 20-28°C (ideal at 27°C)
Diapause: No, a temperature decrease to around 20°C during the winter period is sufficient.
Ant Farms: Any ant farm with a humid zone and suitable for the colony size will be suitable. A concrete nest with large chambers and a bit of substrate is the recommended setup for this species.
Food: Sugary liquids and insects

The Diacamma violaceum colonies and queens we sell are all guaranteed to arrive 100% alive, with a healthy brood and a clean test tube.

See what the colony you’re about to purchase looks like on our Youtube channel.

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Colony size

Gamergate + 10-20 workers, Gamergate + 40-80 workers

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